Replacing Self Signed Certificate with RapidSSL for Virtualmin

I have just installed Virtualmin using the automatic scripted method on a fresh Ubuntu 12.04 VPS. Before installing, I created a self-signed certificate to be used by Virtualmin / Webmin. That all worked fine, with the exception that I have a self signed certificate which is a slight irritation.

I have now created a virtual server ( with “SSL Web Server” enabled and obtained a RapidSSL certificate by generating a request in Virtualmin, and I have successfully installed the certificate.

However, still uses the self signed certificate. I have searched wherever I can for clues, but I can’t find anything that helps.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.




When setting up an SSL Certificate in Server Configuration -> Manage SSL Certificates, that just updates Apache for that domain.

To copy that SSL cert into Virtualmin, what you can do is go back into Server Configuration -> Manage SSL Certificates, and click the “Copy to Webmin” button. That’ll make that certificate available within Webmin/Virtualmin.


Thanks, Eric.

I had to use the “Update Certificate and Key” tab on the “Manage SSL Certificates” page to install the certificate, and then do the “Copy to Webmin” bit.

I had used the “CA Certificate” tab previously.