Replacing ProFTPD server

I want to replace ProFTPD with vsFTPD. I have had issues with ProFTPD in the past. I have done this on webmin but the last time I tried replacing it on Virtualmin I had issues with creating virtual servers because of ProFTPD not being on the server. So after I install vsFTPD; how do I set up virtualmin to use it instead of ProFTPD?

Install the virtualmin-vsftpd module (it’s in the repos), enable it. I don’t remember what else is needed, if anything. It’s been a long time since I’ve used it, and I don’t think vsftpd is even actively maintained anymore? Might be worth looking into that before committing to it.

I have never had any issues with vsFTPD. I upgraded the packages on the server and now I have a user that can’t connect. Not sure that had anything to do with it but it was the only action I performed. I don’t use FTP; I would just close the ports that use it but there are those that need it that uses the server. Let me try restarting proFTPD and see if that makes a difference.

Whats the message he/she gets by attempting to connect?

Because thats not really specific.

No, it isn’t. I actually didn’t have an issue connecting using his credentials on my Linux box. I had set the FTP up for active mode and had locked port 21 to his IP address; random people have no need to connect to the FTP server. I first thought that his IP address had changed so I removed the IP restriction but he reported he could not connect; that is all he said. Then I could not connect to the FTP server using gFTP (there are times when a GUI is nice even if I can do everything from the command line) with the "can’t retrieve directory listing error. Last night I looked at the config again, saw nothing wrong but restarted the FTP server. He reported he could not connect with Filezilla (which has bugs) or WinSCP. I had Windows in a VM with Win SCP so I fired that up and I was getting the “can’t retrieve directory” issue. I again looked at the config of the server and restarted it again. I still couldn’t get in so decided to try with a laptop that had Windows 8 with WinSCP in case it was an issue with the virtual NIC although I had used BitVise on the VM a few days ago. I was able to connect using the laptop with WinSCP so I asked the user to try again and they reported they could get in. So I have no idea why the ProFTPD server just stopped working and why it started working again. I have had issues with ProFTPD in the past with connection issues but I have never had vsFTPD connection issues. However, Virtualmin ships with ProFTPD so to make my work as easy as possible I just go with ProFTPD; go with the flow. For now it is working so I am leaving it be although I do want to lock Port 21 to allowed IP addresses. I have been hacked in the past and rebuilding servers is not work I want to be doing. The fewer ports you have open for the hackers the better off you are.

Add this command:

TLSOptions NoSessionReuseRequired

inside the TLS config or directly in the main config from proftpd and restart if after that.
That will solve the directory listening issues with the clients which receive this error (FileZilla is one of them).

And I think that missing command was added with the latest updates or feature ones. Not sure currently.

Thank you, your help is much appreciated.

Did it help? :slight_smile:

Thanks. I didn’t implement it yet; I got him back in the ftp server and moved on to other projects. However, I did note what you posted for the future and appreciated the help.

Hi girl just use ssh, you would be fine :wink:

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