Repair virtualmin

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after my mistake to install Cloudmin on an working Virtualmin installation i removed Cloudmin. I uninstalled it like @Joe wrote it in an other Thread.
Now Virtualmin works not correct. Is it possible to repair Virtualmin, or must i reinstall it?

Virtualmin / System Settings / Check Configuration.

That will run a test on your Virtualmin configuration and tell you if there’s a problem with it. If you have to, right below that is the Re-Run Install Wizard.

Best to just check configuration first and see what errors it list if any.

Is this really the best description of the problem you can provide?

How could we possibly know? We have no idea what problem you’re having.

do clean re install… the only way works…

Thanks for reply and sorry for the bad information.

i think i fixed it myself. Spamassassin was uninstalled. That was the reason that i got no emails. Thats fixed. Docker and all other Websites works again. Now i made an Backup and won´t touch the server again.

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