Reorganizing Menu entries

I find the current arrangement of menu entries (in the left pane in virtualmin) to be a bit confusing for users, and would like to reorganize that a bit.
Right now there are categories like “Server Configuration” and “Services” but i would like to make something like “Email”, “Databases”, “Applications”, “Logs&Statistics” etc. and put the items in there that I want.
Is this possible in some way?

Short of making a new theme, I’m not sure that there’s a simple way to do that.

You could, of course, make a new theme :wink:

Your only other option would be to make a feature request with your proposed changes to see if there’s something they could do to address your concerns.


hmmm where is the current theme actually located on the filesystem?

It depends on what distro you’re using, but it’s typically in $WEBMIN_ROOT/virtual-server-theme/.

On my Ubuntu system, that’s /usr/share/webmin/virtual-server-theme/.