We had a 100, upgraded to the 50, can you upgrade this please.



So you’re saying you currently have a Virtualmin 100 license – but you’d like to downgrade that to a 50, and then renew it for a year – does that sound about right?


Yes, but to be clear, we started with a 50, upgraded to the 100, and now we are going to downgrade to 50, so we can test this new cloud hosting service out, then we will probably upgrade back to the 100, money is tight.

Truth be told we hosted on a server that had cPanel, I hated it the whole time, nothing is better then Virtualmin, not trying to pump you up, just a fact, your install scripts and backups is one feature I can not live without, and there is nothing I can’t do, that I need to get done with your software, whereas cPanel, you have to have WHM panel to do this, and cPanel to do that, to much work.

Thanks for your kind words!

Your renewal is all set – let us know if you have any other questions!


Thanks, works great and its good to be home again.