Renew of Let's Encrypt per default

Operating system: Ubuntu
OS version: 20.04

If I create an new Domain (Server), the setting for Let’s encrypt is always set to “manual”. How can I preset this to autorenew per default. I didn’t found any settings to archive this.

You are most likely misreading the radio buttons. Not your fault, the options / buttons should be placed one below the other, as per convention. But they are not. :frowning:

I’ve seen this buttons, but the reason of my request ist following:

If Let’s Encrypt is triggerd by domain-creation, why does the “Only renew manually” is the default-setting. To set the “auto-renewal” as default would make more sense.

In the current default-setting (means manually), I have to make an additional config-step to activate the renew of the certificates. Would be much better if it’s the other way around.

My question is about if it’s possible to set this up.

Solution in a perfect World for creating new VirtualServers would be to have https:// as default, with auto-renewing certificates

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