Removing unwanted features (mysql, mailman, postfix ...)

I have static websites (no mysql is needed) and I host email externally. Thus, I wish to remove unwanted features to save memory. When I disable these services in Virtualmin, I have still them as running processes (of course, sleeping), and so much the worse, when rebooting the system mysql is starting and using 130 MB.

How I can permanently remove mysql, mailman, postfix, and dovecot?


You can’t remove them since they’re setup as Virtualmin dependencies, but you should be able to both stop them as well as prevent them from launching on bootup.

To do that, you can go into Webmin -> System -> Bootup and Shutdown, and on that screen you can both stop the service as well as prevent it from starting at boot time.


Thanks Eric
It helped a lot. I save more than 60 MB of memory :slight_smile: