Removing unnecessary Debian packages


I am having trouble with removing unnecessary Debian packages.

When I am trying to remove package via Virtualmin, I got an error:

Failed to delete package rdoc :

dpkg: dependency problems prevent removal of <<PACKAGE_NAME>>:
virtualmin-base depends on <<PACKAGE_NAME>>; however:
Package <<PACKAGE_NAME>> is to be removed.
dpkg: error processing <<PACKAGE_NAME>> (–remove):
dependency problems - not removing
Errors were encountered while processing:
For example… I tired to remove webmin-virtualmin-dav, spamassassin or proftpd without success.


Those happen to all be Virtualmin dependencies (you can see the dependency list by logging into your server via SSH, and typing “dpkg -s virtualmin-base”).

Rather than removing them, what you might want to do is simply make sure they aren’t running at the moment.

You can disable SpamAssassin and ProFTPd from launching at bootup, and Virtualmin DAV is a plugin that can be disabled in System Settings -> Features and Plugins.