removing server information


So I am trying to use virtualmin, and it is really nice!

But there is some information there, that I don’t want others to see, and I dont know how to remove them.

In virtualmin -> “virtual Server Summary”, it shows “ip adress” and what the local ip adress is on the server.
Is there some way to remove or hide that information?

Also, the system information box, showing much the CPU and RAM is working… Is there a way, to do so only 1 user (thats me, the “owner” of the server), can see that?.. right now, if I hide it from users, all users wont be able to see it… and if I enable it, all users see it…

I have been looking around for some help for this, but can’t seem to find any topic about it?

I wouldn’t worry too much about your hostname and IP address being visible.

Anyone can find that information online in less than 1 minute no matter what you hide in virtualmin!
So hiding it in virtualmin does not hide it from the world nor does it protect you from anything.

(For example, there are WordPress plugins that display it if any of your users run wordpress)

Another way is to do a reverse ipaddress lookup…That spits out the system hostname straight away to anyone once they have your webserver external/public ipaddress.

Also, if your ipaddress is not visible to the world, how do you expect Google to even find you or any of the websites on your system?

You have to think of it a bit like your house, driveway, roads.

Drive along a road to get to your driveway, drive in your driveway to park car and enter your house. The thing that protects you from world is lock your front fence/gates, and second layer is front/back door locks!

People can still see your house!

Same thing applies here.

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