Removing ProFTPD from Virtualmin causes backup error


I have removed ProFTPD from my Virtualmin server (Ubuntu 14.04) because I have elected to stick to SFTP due to the high number of brute force attacks on FTP on my server.

I now get an error every day on my backups:

Saving FTP directory restrictions …
Missing file to open at WebminCore::/usr/share/webmin/ line 3163 at /usr/share/webmin/ line 1397.

Is there any way to clean this up?

I cant answer your question but why not just disable it instead of removing it? Thats what we do. We also do not provide FTP for security reasons (cant believe its still so common when all FTP clients support SFTP).

So in the Bootup and Shutdown, just disable it now and on boot.


Yeah I’d suggest just disabling it, rather than removing it. Virtualmin or Webmin may have still been configured to use or look for it in some capacity, and it may be confused as to what’s happening at the moment.

If you reinstall it, just stop and disable the service, that way no one will be able to access it.