Removing Features


I have an Problem with my Virtualmin. I have moved the DNS Service out of Virtualmin. Now my Users had the DNS Interface still in the Virtualmin Panel. How can I deactivate this on a simple way?


Just turn off the DNS feature for the domains in question, in “Edit Server -> Enabled features”.

But this would go very long with >50 Domains.

That’s right. :slight_smile: You can use the Virtualmin command line API too. Log in via SSH and use virtualmin disable-feature That will display help how to disable DNS for all domains at once.

Thank you. This works great!

How can I change all Domains to the PHP Version FCGId? It didn’t work with virtualmin modify-php-ini --all-domains FCGId


Check out the “virtualmin modify-web” command – the “–mode” parameter within there should do what you’re after.