Remove server1 from sent mail

Hi there.

After playing around with virtualmin, my email addresses are now as opposed to

But mail is still sent out (and being received) at - how do I change it to be pls?

Appreciate the help.



Well, the “From” address used for email is set by the mail client, rather than the server itself.

So, if you have a Virtual Server named “”, and you create an email account in that called “” – you should just need to set your “From” address in the email client to use “”.


Hi again Eric.

I posted earlier, but I dont think it passed the moderation test. I have made a server called Or named it server1.

I think I meant when I am using postfix from the server to send mail. It says So do I need to make an alias? Also isn’t working as an smtp server.

Thanks for the help.

Hrm, there may be a piece that I’m not following here I think :slight_smile:

Postfix is a mail server – it’s up to a mail client to set a From address.

If the mail client doesn’t set a From address, Postfix will typically use a default of some sort – typically, the default is the hostname of the server, and the username of the process contacting Apache.

Can you describe how exactly are you going about sending those messages?

Also isn’t working as an smtp server.

What do you mean by it isn’t working – are you getting an error message of some sort in your client? Do any errors show up in the mail logs, either /var/log/maillog or /var/log/mail.log?