Remove Postfix and Dovecot From Virtualmin Secondary DNS

OS type and version Debian 11
Virtualmin version 7.7


We have a Virtualmin server handling our secondary DNS and it works great. When we set it up Postfix and Dovecot were installed, I presume by default.

My question is do we need to have Postfix and Dovecot installed if we only intend to use this Virtualmin as DNS?

If we can remove Postfix and Dovecot, is there a way inside Virtualmin to remove them?


Easiest way to see if something will break is simply to shut down the servers first.

After you are sure nothing is broken, then you can turn it off. Postfix ‘might’ be needed as most systems need some sort of mail to do notifications. Dovecot? Probably not.

You don’t need Virtualmin at all for DNS. Webmin alone (and BIND) will do the things.

Packages are installed, managed, updated, and removed by your OS package manager. There is a GUI for Software Packages in Webmin, which interacts with your OS package manager, but I find it much faster to just do it all on the command line using apt or dnf.

@ID10T - Thanks for the good tip on stopping servers. I’ve stopped Dovecot and so far not seen any issue, but it’s only been a couple hours so I will leave it stopped for a day and monitor what happens.

I’ve attached a image of the running and now stopped Dovecot servers. Do I really need Apache running? If you spot anything else I can stop please let me know because this is a pretty low spec server and anything that can be turned off or removed to save resources would be good.

@Joe - When we setup our two servers - main running DNS, email and web hosting and the second for DNS only - we just installed Virtualmin on both and everything worked fine. Then about a year or so ago we moved the main server to a higher spec system and had DNS propagation issues. We wiped the secondary server and tried Webmin only but were unable to get DNS sync working so wiped it again and just installed Virtualmin. I don’t remember exactly what problem we had.

It’s also fine to use the Virtualmin installer and shut down stuff you don’t need.

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