Removal of non-used packages

Good evening again! :slight_smile:

My second question of the night… I chose not to use Virtualmin for managing DNS, Email or MySQL and so I would preferably like to remove the packages from the system. This way I dont have to worry about updates etc for them as I am not using them.

I have already disabled them in Virtualmin but if I go and do a yum remove mysql-server, for example - is that going to land me in hot water? I have seen some older posts about this but wondered what the current siutation is? I would like to run a minimal environment as these services are handled elsewhere but Virtualmin is perfect for Web & FTP management.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


You should not remove those packages, but only disable the respective daemons from starting. Trying to remove the packages will probably lead to dependency issues.

You can remove them, you just have to make sure you have disabled the appropriate features in VM. The best way is to just disable the services. Whatever you do make sure you have disabled them in the features section.

This will disable the MySQL server, the DNS server, and the POP/IMAP server.

chkconfig mysqld off
chkconfig named off
chkconfig dovecot off

You should only disable postfix if you absolutely don’t need a SMTP server, for sending alerts, or things like web form submissions from websites.

chkconfig postfix off