Remote Login

I’ve been having problems logging in to the server remotely.

Whenever I put in my username and password it just goes back to the login screen. It erases the information and resets itself. (I use IE 7). It was working fine until a couple of days ago.

per haps you want to empty the cache of the browser and get rid of cookies.
install firefox …
Internet Exploder are the worst browsers anyway

Since you’re not even getting an error message I have to suspect a memory shortage.

If you login via ssh and start top, what does memory usage look like? You can sort by memory by pressing “M” (that’s shift-M).

It might also be a confused Webmin, though I don’t recall ever seeing this exact behavior before. You could restart Webmin to see what happens:


Oh, yeah, while I don’t particularly like IE, we do test pretty thoroughly with IE and at least 40% of Webmin and Virtualmin users are using IE. It is definitely expected to work fine from all major browsers, including reasonably recent IE versions.

Emptying the cache did the job. Thanks!

I know most who use Unix don’t like IE but I’ve been a Windows person since the first version (oops I’m telling my age).

I don’t have a problem with Windows since I use Google as my home page. Hate the MSN home page. Takes forever to load up.

i have windoze on my home computer as well.
I use firefox to surf the inet as it is a better browser build to comply to world standard - w3c.

I have IE 6 and 7 installed too for webdesign/CSS checks.
IE 8 is promised to be a good browser with w3c standards.

anyway good you got the login sorted

Firefox works under windo$e :slight_smile: So there is no need for Internet Exploder