Remote Database Setup

Hey Guys,

I’m relatively new and I’ve hit an issue.

I want to setup my Webmin to use another Server for my Database.
I have found this official document (,running_mysql_on_a_remote_system ) but when I access:
“Webmin → Servers → MySQL Database Server” I dont have any button called “Module Config”, to configure the “System Configuration” and enter the information of the Database Server.

Any clue on where I am stuck? Also I’m using the HTML5 Template.


It’s the button on the top next to the help icon.

hi ltwmaster

as volk said its cog icon - see mouse (hand icon) on screenshot:


Thanks for your quick reply! :slight_smile:

Yes, I can put in an IP, but I can’t put in any user cresidentials, can I…?
I used to work with Plesk, where I had to authenticate with a user and password to set up a Database Server.

Authentication details are at the top. “Administration login”. I think it’ll also ask for a password, the first time it tries to connect, if can’t login. But, I might be misremembering how that behaves.