Remote backup done correctly but directly deleted


I have a scheduled backup on several servers and they should be done at 00:00 every night.
As I can read on the log, the server did the backup and sent it to the backup server using SSH.
However at the end of the log, I can read that the directory “Tue” has been deleted because it was 7 days old (The backup is set to delete backup after 7 days).

In conclusion, virtualmin delete the recently done backup…
What did I wrong?

Thank you for your help.


What exactly is the name of the backup folder? Just “Tue”?

The documentation for the “delete old backup function” says that a certain directory naming scheme is required so that it can determine which backups are too old:

Delete old backups […] However, this is only usable when the backup destination directory is named like /backup/%d-%m-%Y, or the filename is named like /backup/virtualmin-%d-%m-%Y.tar.gz. This is required for Virtualmin to be able to work out which files and directories were created by the backup process.

I have one directory per day,
the string is : /home/remote_backup/Backups/tools_server/%a

thank you

Well, that might well be the problem, since with just the weekday, VMin cannot determine how old the directory is. :slight_smile: At least that’s how I understand the documentation entry. Maybe try creating a backup with the naming scheme given in my quote.

I see, so I’ll try what you advised.

However, it works on some servers, strange :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help !

You’re welcome! Let us know how it turns out, I’m quite certain this is interesting for other users too.