Remi.repo, ok to keep enabled?

Will this repo potentially break Virtualmin if I leave it on for updates, or should I disable it along with epel?

Centos 8.2, thanks.


Historically remi hasn’t caused problems, but you should be careful which packages it’s setup to upgrade as some may override Virtualmin managed ones and potentially cause problems.

Perhaps when he has a moment @Joe can elaborate more on this topic.

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Peter Knowles | TPN Solutions


Peter’s right. It’s probably fine, but we recommend you be specific about which packages you pull from any third party repo, and disable those you aren’t using. And, you need to be a little extra careful whenever updating or installing new stuff.

It’s not really unique to Virtualmin; if you’re using third party repos, you’re signing on for more risk and more complexity. Some are better than others, and Remi is among the best (I use it myself in a couple of places), but you have to beware that third party repos never have the same compatibility/stability guarantee as the main OS repos.


Awesome, thanks Joe!

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