Reinstall Virtualmin on live server after uninstall


We have a situation where a server has had Virtualmin uninstalled (!) while being live and providing various network services. Luckily, those services live on and the server is still up, but without any control panel.

Could anyone say what impact it would have attempting to reinstall Virtualmin back on to this server and whether current services, user accounts, etc, wouldn’t be removed, and in fact might even be usable in the Virtualmin control panel again?

Long shot, perhaps? :-/


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Hmm, that’s a bit of a pickle :slight_smile:

The exact answer here is a bit hard to say… it depends on how it was removed.

If the various config files are still there, then reinstalling Virtualmin will keep them. But if the config file data was purged at the time it was removed, there’s not much that can be done to get it back.

Do you have backups though?

The first thing I’d do is make a backup of /etc.

Then, take a peek at /etc/webmin and /etc/webmin/virtual-server – do those directories exist, and have files/dirs in them?

Also, was it just Virtualmin that was removed, or was Webmin also removed?

Lastly, what distro/version is this?