Regarding the new version 6 Virtulamin installer and the Virtual Framed Theme.

Is it included?

No, but you can install it with:

# yum install wbt-virtual-server-theme


# apt-get update # apt-get install webmin-virtual-server-theme

We probably should include it for accessibility reasons, as there’s still some issues with Authentic for users using assistive technologies. I’ll add it to the dependencies.

Note you’ll need to reload the page a couple of times (or force a reload with ctrl-reload or cmd-reload) to fully switch between Authentic and any other theme…the way Webmin handles themes fools browsers into thinking they can use cached data. We’ll probably redesign that sometime during the Webmin 2.0 development cycle.

Thanks for clarifying, I personally think it is not prudent to put all eggs in one basket, to have a fall back theme that is fully supported and up to date and ready for action makes sense to me.

I use Ilias theme for my clients and they like it, I have supported Ilia financially in the past when under dev quite generously.

Myself though, I just love that VFT, so simple and well layed out.

Sorry for moaning a lot, bit of a Victor Meldew character with one foot in the grave. :slight_smile: