Regarding sending multiple emails at the same time

Ubuntu Linux 18.04.5
Webmin version** 1.973
Usermin version** 1.823
Virtualmin version** 6.16
Authentic theme version** 19.73

Hi there,
Is there a solution to send multiple emails at the same time without display-ing to each email user entire list of emails that was set initially?
This is how details of each user email that receive email looks like:

As you can see every email was send with entire list of emails.
Is there a solution for sending multiple emails but hiding that list from each user?
I tested with roundcube and via read user mail from webmin straight and is not working.
All emails will be disclosed to each user.
Any solution please?

If you use the To or CC fields then the list of recipients will be displayed to all. Use the BCC (blind carbon copy) field to suppress the list of recipients from being displayed.

For example, in Roundcube, using the Address Book Widget, select one or more contacts in the list and then click Bcc+ in order to copy the selected contacts to the recipient field. Double-click a contact in the list to have it added to the To field immediately.

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