Redundant server

I am wanting to setup a redundant off-site server to mirror my main server. Can anyone please provide me some details on how I might set this up?

Can two copies of VMPRO talk to each other and one copy its’ settings to the other?

Maybe a DNS redirection company is the way to go? DNS2GO or noip? They are awfully expensive though.<br><br>Post edited by:, at: 2008/04/20 17:02

Joe, could you take a look at this thread?

I’m afraid I don’t have anything new to add to that thread at this time. There’s no ideal answer…and I’m unsure that there can be, because it depends so much on the applications being clustered or made redundant. It’s like saying, “We need food for 100 people”, but finding out that they all keep kosher or are vegetarians or whatever midway through cooking the meal. Every app has very different scaling and redundancy needs, and I have yet to figure out how to automate that or make generic advice.