Reduce Root Partition Size Help!! I want to make my boot bigger

How in the world do I reduce the root lv size … Its taking up all the drive space, and I need to reduce it a bit so I can extend my boot partition a bit as its only 200 megs and get filled up all the time by new kernels and I didnt want to have to clean it out every 6 months, I wanted to increase it but I can’t seem to reduce the root logical volume size.

When I try to use gparted and try to reduce from the live boot, it just won’t let me reduce the size, its petty saying the whole drive is full I think and cant’ reduce more then the 44mb … but the volume is 95% free ?!?

I use the ubuntu live cd and I end up with the same problem, just says I can only reduce partiton by 44 mb …

Please advise in proper steps to reducing /root size .
Thank You


How many kernels do you have installed?