As a continuation of my post … I did figure out how to do the redirect, and I have an email I sent that says that I borrowed a RewriteRule, but that’s not visible in Services-Configure Website - Aliases or Directives.

I now need to undo the redirect to /site2.

Appreciate any pointers.

My hosting company fixed this for me:
“The rewrite rule needed for that is a
custom one. So it’s in the custom directive section for that domain.”

I think that I had to do the rewrite rule because I couldn’t find the syntax to do a simple redirect of / to /site2. How is that supposed to be done under “Permanent URL redirects” in Webmin?


I’d highly recommend just filing a Support request, asking for documentation to be written for that page. It’s been brought up awhile ago, but I think it fell by the wayside.

What I’d suggest asking for is:

  1. Explanation of what each item on that page is

  2. An example usage of each item

As that page confuses me too :slight_smile:

I would have though, though, that you could add something like this to the Redirect Permenent line:


In order to redirect from / to /site2/.


I don’t recall what the issue was, but it didn’t seem to work like that.

In fact, Rimuhosting has told me more than once that I can’t do that kind of redirect through Webmin, that it had to be done in the apache.conf or similar.

Anyway, I created a ticket at