Redirects - Nearly complete documentation

At , there is almost some information on how to set redirects. Could someone on the team finish that page, please?

I am making entries in the “Permanent Redirects” lines under Aliases & Redirects, and NOT getting a .htaccess for my trouble, even after Save, Apply Changes, Stop Apache, Start Apache.

I am doing a redirect from a VS URL into a subdirectory, and ended up doing it manually with nano, after much Googling and trial and error.

In another case, I am trying to redirect one domain to another domain, so far to no avail.

Isn’t filling out these forms suppose do create .htaccess files with the corresponding redirects?

Please inform me, because it’s not working like I expect, in addition to being about 100 times more complex than in cPanel, where I’ve done lots of redirects and never had to think about them for more than the couple of seconds it took to click the little icon (Redirects), and type the two URLs.


i dont think it would create a .htaccess file, instead it would write the rule to your apache config. You’ll have to apply the changes to make apache restart gracefully or do a apache restart after you clicked “safe”.