Redirection interne

On webmin, we put an old site A in the subdomain of a new domain name B, so B uses the same database as site A, so when we enter the 2 sites via the 2 domain name A or B, it’s the same thing on the site.
The problem is that in site B, when we send emails, some emails received are still received as sent from the old domain name: internal links of the email come from old site A, I think that c is a redirect problem.
I already looked in service / configure / website / aliases and redirects and immediately:
Document directory aliases:
from: / dav - to: (to the directory of the new site B)

If anyone has an idea please?

did you check website’s database for old links before moving it? eg. if its a wordpress, a search-replace plugin could help, just keep backups before messing around…

Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply,
so I’m on joomla
in fact nothing has changed on the database, it’s just the new domain name B which points to the old database,
nothing has changed, no new site.
I tested the permanent redirect and it seems the redirect works on a link that I kept but it is the site that no longer works there:
for my test: ->
error: “The page is not redirected correctly”
I will see on the database side if I find something.
Do you have an idea please?

thank you,


also check joomla configuration.php, .htaccess, and apache logs for clues…