Redirect domain for local and external?


I can’t access domain from local addresses, domain is hosted on same internet as local users.

Is it possible on virtualmin for local users to get a local address on the same domain “” and external users to get an external address. Maybe there is another solution.

OS type and version ubuntu server 20 LTS
Virtualmin version newest

just correct you your internet address is not same as local address also please be aware lan is not same as wan = via internet access you cannot have access to your lan = route in your house - what you looking for is proxying via server you currently have - be it apache or nginx…have look at virtualmin wikis how to do that.

I would also like the e-mail client to work on the same address “” with SSL support on local and external(from internet) network.

To do that would require split DNS where external clients get address X and internal clients get address Y and I’m not sure virtualmin handles that yet. I ended up updating a bunch of firewall rules to handle NAT to allow internal addresses to get at the external IP. YMMV.

For the client if they still see the local you need also set some there i think.
Sometimes hosts file.

But depends, you also could have/ use a local dns pointing in between that it should be not local ip.

So out of my head.

Generally speaking, if you’re running true split DNS, you have a DNS server that provides as an answer to a query the local address to one set of clients, and a DNS server that provides a different set of IP address to queries from anyone else. Your local systems are pointed to the DNS server that provides the answers you want those systems to see, external clients get the others. I believe it can be done with views, you set up a domain file with public-access A records, and a domain file with internal access A records and depending on where the query comes from the server gives out the “correct” answer. Back in the day before views came about you did this with 2 DNS servers, internal and external. What I’m unsure about is whether virtualmin can do this for you, or if you have to manually maintain one file while virtualmin maintains the other. Or if it can maintain both somehow.

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