recover after new install of virtualmin

i have upgraded my debian version to 8.
i have loose my virtualmin (arharh !!! no backup) I have done a fresh install, but sites have diseapear from Virtualmin. Is there a way to put them in the virtualmin again world for all sites.

I precise that all virtual server existe in my home directory , i need a way to attach them to virtualmin.

many thank.

Not sure of this is a good idea but it is an idea. I use cPanel backup files to migrate sites into virtual servers – very simple and easy to do using Virtualmin menus that can take all kind of backup formats.
If you have backup files just do it. If not below is the summary of what a the Backup does in Virtualmin.

Backup Virtual Servers
Starting backup of 1 domains to local file /backup/virtualmin …

Creating backup for virtual server

Copying virtual server configuration ..    .. done
Backing up Cron jobs ..    .. done
Saving mail aliases ..    .. done
Saving mail and FTP users ..    .. done
Backing up mail and FTP user Cron jobs ..    .. none to backup
Backing up Dovecot control files ..    .. none found
Copying Apache virtual host configuration ..    .. done
Copying Apache log files ..    .. done
Copying Webalizer configuration files ..    .. done
Copying SSL Apache virtual host configuration and certificate ..    .. done
Copying Logrotate configuration ..    .. done
Dumping MySQL database views_WebEngin ..    .. done
Dumping MySQL database views_drupal7frameworkcom ..    .. done
Dumping MySQL database views_sample ..    .. done
Backing up Webmin ACL files ..    .. done
Creating TAR file of home directory ..    .. done

… completed in 36 seconds

1 servers backed up successfully, 0 had errors.

Backup is complete. Final size was 176.12 MB.

thank you for your help