Recomended OS For Security/Latest Programs

I am currently using Centos6 and, apart from my finger issues, it has been a reliable system.

However, I assume a trade off for that stability is that it used old versions of software packages.

Can anyone recommend a mainstream package that also offer stability, but with new versions of the main applications/servers?

When you start digging into new application features and security compliance, the requirement to be upto date increases dramatically and I want to be more proactive in improving security, initially by running the newer packages.

Redhat almost never update the versions of the packages they ship once a product is released and what they do is to backport the fix to the older release. That means even if you are using Centos 6 you are covered with all security patches but the tradeoff is version of the packages what comes with it.
You cant have both, to be stable and in the same time have installed new or almost new packages so you must pick up what is more important for you. Sadly Centos 7 is (was) probably the worst distribution ever, months after initial release was full of bugs and problems. Now the situation is better but i’m not sure if i would move my production server to Centos 7 (for now).
If you want to have newer packages then Ubuntu or Debian but never used them aside of desktop/laptop and for sure i would not use on the server, but thats me.
If there is no special reason to change your current OS i would stay with Centos 6, wait little more and then switch to Centos 7.

Can’t say I agree Diabolico. I have one server CentOS 6 and one CentOS 7. Very happy with 7, and I’ve had no problems whatsoever. 6 will go to 7 as soon as I can find the time. (And very happy to have MariaDB with 7 instead of MySQL. No compatibility issues at all to date).

My suggestion would be either CentOS 7, or Ubuntu 14.04. Both have benefits and drawbacks.