Recognizing a Wordpress installed script after import


I have a site I imported successfully (from Plesk) that uses Wordpress. However Virtualmin does not see the script as installed (presumably because it was not installed by VM to begin with).

Is there a way for me to fix this so that I can do one-click updates via the VM control panel?


There’s no easy way to do that, unfortunately.

Part of the issue is that since Virtualmin didn’t perform the install, there’s a lot of unknown variables – and there’s some risk that it could cause problems during future upgrades.

The only way to do that would be to manually create a config file for the WordPress script in your domain.

You can see all the scripts in this directory:


All the directories there are domain ID’s – each ID represents a domain on your system. Within those directories are one config file per installed script.

What you could do is install WordPress into your domain, but using an alternate directory (ie, use /wordpress2/ rather than /wordpress/).

Then, copy that config file to a new random file name (the actual name doesn’t matter), and tweak the paths in it so that it reflects your current WordPress installation that you imported from Plesk.

Thanks - I’ll give it a go!