recipient address rejected - user unknown in virtu

Hi All, I noticed recently I am getting this message when I email someone else on the server with a different domain:

"recipient address rejected" "user unknown in virtual alias table"

I can send to the same SMTP address from an external service provider (hotmail) but e-mail is rejected when sent from ( to one specific Company( Both domains site on the same server with their own server space.

I am using some MX logic in the file. What is weird is the scenario above was working less than two weeks ago. I have ran virtualmin updates throughout that time period…

Any help would be greatly appreciated. <br><br>Post edited by: elvis.mcneely, at: 2009/04/24 04:27


Are there any additional clues in the email log? That would be in /var/log/, either maillog or mail.log.

Hi Eric. What would I be looking for. It seems all mail going to that domain is being rejected:

Apr 16 03:28:44 servername postfix/smtpd[27907]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from unknown[]: 550 5.1.1 <helloitmenice@DOMAIN.COM>: REC$
Apr 16 08:27:32 servername postfix/smtpd[1386]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from unknown[]: 550 5.1.1 <mkurek@DOMAIN.COM>: Reci$
Apr 16 08:27:36 servername postfix/smtpd[1386]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from unknown[]: 550 5.1.1 <mkurekm@DOMAIN.COM>: Rec$
Apr 16 08:28:54 servername postfix/smtpd[1456]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from unknown[]: 550 5.1.1 <mkurekn@DOMAIN.COM>: Rec$

It seems this has been going on for a while, looking at past logs.

Odd though, I can send mail to the domain through gmail…

Hrm, can you send email from any remote server to this particular account?

Does it always work when sending from a remote computer, and always break when sending from this particular server?

Are all users within this particular domain having problems, or just some of them?

And lastly, do other domains on your system work fine? Is it just this one having trouble?

I had an issue with ‘550’ as well recently.

that was tracked down to a problem where I had the domain installed on one server (Server1)when I set it up initially. I then decided to move it to another server (Server2). Server 1 had Direct Admin and the web site was deleted from it.

then later when sending email from Server 2 back to a different email account on Server 1 then Server 1 was rejecting with 550 error. I was able to send to other accounts like yahoo or Tiscali.

I could only surmise that there was some DNS/MX/web settings still on Server 1 that caused the problem.
not sure if it helps you identify your problem.