Reassigning database?

Hi all,

I’m on Ubuntu 20.4 with a brand new VirtualMin GPL install (VM 6.17-3, Webmin 1.981).

Working on moving a site over to it, I had a version of the site before.

After moving, I got the domain renamed the new domain with no problem - but I have a different database that I want to connect it to. The current database the virtual server is connected to is named ‘test’ and I change the connection to ‘cp’.

I have the cp database set up and the site is using it through the WP config settings.

But… Virtualmin isn’t going to back it up as part of the site the way it is right now. It still thinks the site is using ‘test’.

I could be wrong, but it seems like there used to be a way to change a virtual server from using one existing database to a different one.

Is that (still?) available?

Thanks ,


I believe you can use the “Disassociate with server” button in the domain that currently owns the database (click Edit Databases and then click on the database to get the option to disassociate), and then “Import database” in the domain you’d like to move it to.

Yep, that did the trick, thank you!

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