Really need help

Also, in webmin / mysql

In “change administration password”, it say:

Administration login root
Current password No password!

and if i put something, nothing is changing.

I’m confused about which mysql root it is. Because the one from host have a password and as i can understand, there’s no root for localhost, so, how it can be root without password?

Looks okay to me. I’m not an SQL expert though. :wink: I usually use some GUI (mostly NaviCat for Windows) to manage MySQL.

Don’t forget “FLUSH PRIVILEGES;” afterwards to make the changes become active.

Also you might want to make a copy of the MySQL data directory before doing any changes, so you can always revert back to the previous state if things get worse. Don’t forget to shut down MySQL while you do/revert the copy!

The “change administration password” command is to change the user+pass that the Webmin module uses to access MySQL. It does not change the password IN MySQL itself.

It is a way to know which root it is?






lol… i’m going crazy…

Which root what is? It depends on the IP/hostname being connected which user privilege entry is used.

I was talking about webmin.

Now, I can connect to mysql using

mysql -h localhost -u root -p

(Without password). So, i imagine the user exist.

Is it possible that i just need to grant him all privileges on . ?

I guess so, can’t really tell. You can see if the proper privilege entry exists when you perform the “select blah from user where user=root” SQL query.

I just bough a virtualmin license now.

Where to add this license and how to get fast support? lol

Many thanks for your help Locutus! You invested great time with me and i appreciate but i have too many things to do actually, i can not afford to invest 1 week in mysql right now to learn and to make tests. It helped me to increase my knowledge and i appreciate but now i need to finalise other things, in hope this situation will be fixed fast.

Thanks again and waiting support from you guys! (I seen that pro is not like gpl. Honestly, for the moment, the only thing i want is to have support to fix my problem. In the beginning, i wanted to buy the license to support you because virtualmin is really amazing and you did a greatfull job. but now, one thing bring another… lol

Thanks in advance!

I’m now this user…

Is it possible to use the same account also to dont mix things? Personnaly, i dont really care. Just like that.

Hmm, okay then, good luck with that!

I have slight doubts though that the level of support that comes with the Pro version includes faster support than you’ve been given so far. You can’t expect the Virtualmin people to jump into your problem in like a few minutes’ matter, especially given that it’s specific to your installation (especially with all that addon software you have installed) and not directly related to Virtualmin.

They will certainly suggest to log on to your system themselves and try to fix things, but the level of support they can offer even to paying customers has of course certain limits. Anyway I hope they’ll be able to sort things out for you. Take care!

Yes i understand also what you mean and i dont want to bring them out of their bed for me lol… but i wanted to support them anyway, so, if they can do deeper investigation it will be good.

I seen that i got fast support from you and andreycheck. Maybe my programmer will be able to fix it before i get other help also but i’m now so much tired of playing into that, i want put some effort somewhere else during that time.

I have few websites to be built. I need to prepare orders for designers, seo guys etc… I’d put it on ice for more than 1 week now because i needed to transfer all these customers but now, i have the feeling that i need to go back to my things.

Thanks again for the help. With a bit of sleep and freshly shaved, i can go back to business fast also. lol

Take care also!

  1. 1 physical server only

  2. Not a vps. It’s a dedicated server.

Finally, the problem was because of this change to “any” that i did from webmin… This change was done in mysql and like mysql is supposed to connect to localhost, it was failing.

My programmer did this query to fix it:

update user set host = ‘localhost’ where user=‘root’ and host=’%’ limit 1;

After that, we changed the password in webmin / mysql server config and it was done…

So now… 1 thing fixed hahaha… i will sleep better this evening. I just started virtual servers backup to dont take chances and tomorrow i will setup a physical disk backup.

About this php config now. We are using mod_fcgi but as i said, config is not modified if we make some changes. The changes are made only if we modify another server.

Now the backup is running, tomorrow i will come back to you with more details.

Many thanks again!

Finally, i verified with phpinfo (i dont know why i didnt checked with this before… probably too much things at the same time as TSC said) but everything is working.

My problem is with phpmyadmin… If i want to upload a big database inside it for a virtual server (import from a file) and i need to increase the import size capacity (upload_max_filesize, post_max_size)

It’s not working when i change these values inside the virtualserver where i wanted to increase the size… but it’s working if i increase it on another virtual server (probably the first or the second virtual server i created, or the first in the apache list. I need to inspect deeper to know.

Do you know where phpmyadmin are taking values for a specific virtual server? If it can save me hours of investiguation, i will appreciate.

Hello Pat!

Since things seem to be a little more complicated in your case, remote help via forum is probably not too efficient. I can offer to take a look at your system myself, which should speed things up. If it takes longer than about 30 minutes though, and I can help you successfully, I’d have to charge a little fee.

So since you just bought Virtualmin Pro, you’ll probably want to ask the VM team for support first. :wink:

Thanks for your offer! I will let you know if necessary.

I can also deal with the actual problem. It’s not really dramatical. Just that i like to know my environment as well as possible and when something is not like it’s supposed to be, it make me want to fix the situation.

There’s few things again that are not perfect on the system but i will do thing by thing.

Actually the VM team are helping me, i will let you know if necessary.

Thanks again for your time yesterday. It helped me to increase my knowledge level.

Have a nice day and keep you in touch here :slight_smile:

@TSC: The thread you linked to is 6 years old!

Of course phpmyadmin itself is “supported” by Virtualmin, even if Webmin has a MySQL editor of its own. You can even auto-install it in the Pro version using the script installers. And you can always install it manually in a VM virtual server.

What you probably meant is that you should NOT install it from a package that comes with your OS. That will probably install the thing in /var/www, which indeed is not “supported” by Virtualmin.