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Hey Guys,

Please accept my apologies if this is posted in the wrong place. But I have been playing with the VirtualMin and Webmin all day and all night. I am loving this so far. I did notice in the installs or better yet at the home page that all 3 would be best to have on one server. So I understand what webmin and virtualmin are for, but why would you need usermin?

Also I do plan to buy the unlimited VirtualMin because it has some really cool stuff in it. That would allow me to do what I am wanting ot do.

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Usermin permits webmail, allows users to change their passwords, allows you to give various levels of admin capability, etc. etc. etc.


for a complete list of modules.

(if you have users, you need usermin) :slight_smile:

Thanks That makes sense …

So to put this into a hosting perspective.

ClientA orders an domain hosting account. I as the hosting vendor would setup a virual server for them.

ITguy at CLientA would need the virualmin access/login info.
All other users at ClientA would get the usermin access/login info.

Brings up the following questions:

  1. Do I have the concept correct?
  2. I guess just webmin runs in the background behind all this?
  3. If I understand correctly each person has a global account? So does that mean user12 can theoretically log into the virtualmin portion too if he gets/finds the port #?
  4. Referring to question #3. Can user12 make any security changes that would affect the virtual server itself or is that only done with the main login to the virtual server?
  5. I noticed even after I made a change to disable ssh hash for a user, he can still execute commands from the usermin command shell module. Should I be concerned with security here?

Thanks in advance…I feel I have a ton of questions!


Hey Justin,

If I am correct the usermin, is for an EMail User only basically like a mailuser on your system/server. As far as I know the rest of questions i can't answer all of them but I do know that the Admin of the domain is the only one with rights to execute commands on that domain. Unless he creates another admin for the domain which I believe can be done through Virtualmin.

No the regular users that are not admins can not make changes to the domain so the security is fine there.

I also believe that there is a chrooted ssh access, also there is a java enabled ssh servlet in Webmin or Virtualmin not sure which one.

But basically it would be both as Virtualmin is a module to Webmin.