Re-loading Webmin .. .. not currently running ... but I can access it?

Re-loading Webmin .. .. not currently running

The above is what I see when I create virtualservers as new domains or sub-domains.

Yet, I can always login to it fine.

On that count, Monit cannot see the webmin process either, yet there is a PID file with an ID and I can pgrep the id / name.

Thoughts why i keep getting the above “error” ?

Hrm, there may be a stray Webmin process running that’s causing trouble.

What I’d suggest to get started would be to stop Webmin and Usermin:

/etc/init.d/webmin stop /etc/init.d/usermin stop

And after that, run:

ps auxw | grep miniserv

When you do, do any processes show up? If so, go ahead and kill them; then restart Webmin and Usermin, and see if that does the trick.


I meant to say earlier - this worked.
I didn’t do the stop webmin/usermin and then kill the running process.