re-installed with Centos 7 - how long before dns resolves? Solved

I saw that Virtualmin supported Centos 7 and that it has newer versions of everything, so decided to re-install my VPS and Virtualmin.

Everything was working properly after the first install, I had my nameservers pointing to the correct IP address from my register.

But now my home page doesn’t seem to be resolving. Nothing displays and the browser is just timing out. I’ve uploaded a default index.html file.

I was able to send an email to the default server admin though, and it arrived?

Should I just be patient, or have I done something wrong this time around?

Either I had to wait a while, or creating a second server solved the problem?

I can ping the url, so it must be content related?


What happens if you browse to the IP address, rather than the domain name – do you receive a response in that case?


You can check your settings with this page: