rDNS question

If we are going to set rDNS for vps do we have to send list of all domains in sever to provider or just the one used for nameservers ?

I mean all like this ?


etc ?

rDNS is directly connected with IP so you need to set one rDNS for each IP you have active regardless if that is IPv4 or IPv6. All domains and subdomains on same IP(s) will use same rDNS.

Example with 2 IPs:
- IP1 - xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx; Domains: domain1.tld, domain2.tld, domain3.tld

  • Primary domain - domain1.tld

  • rDNS (must be FQDN) - whatever-you-want.domain1.tld

  • domain2.tld and domain3.tld are using “whatever-you-want.domain1.tld”

  • IP2 - yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy; Domains: domain4.tld, domain5.tld

  • Primary domain - domain4.tld

  • rDNS (must be FQDN) - whatever-you-want.domain4.tld

  • domain5.tld will use “whatever-you-want.domain4.tld”

This is a simple way how rDNS works but there are several different solution what could be used.

Thanks so it is find it I leave it like this for zDNS and PTR records ? -> mail.domain.com

or should I leave it as -> domain.com


You can do which ever you prefer. Most people set the reverse DNS record to the same as the hostname of the server though (or at least, the name that Postfix gives when connecting to another server).

That’s not a requirement though, and it really comes down to what your needs are.