range port conexion 10000:10010 ?!


refering to the webmin FAQ ,

Webmin has two RPC modes - slow mode, that only uses the same HTTP port the webserver listens on (typically 10000), and fast mode which uses ports 10000 on up. The upper bound depends on the number of concurrent RPC operations, but opening the range 10000 to 10010 should be enough when configuring the firewall between two Webmin servers.

i have to limit virtualmin administartion conxion only to my ip ,
If i run only one site (mine), can i modify my firewall to make webmin listen only on 10000 ?


RPC is to my knowledge only required when one Webmin talks to another (e.g. for the DNS Cluster Slave feature. So if you don’t need that, yep, it suffices to open only port 10000. You don’t need any other ports to access Webmin’s web interface.

ok, i will try so and we’ll see :slight_smile:


Yup, Locutus is exactly right! Enabling port 10000 will work great, if you don’t have multiple Webmin systems communicating with each other.