Ram Allocation per server

Hi, how can I view how much ram is allocated per server? Or does it not allocate? If so how can I change this.

I am using a plugin within wordpress multisite that shows 64M allocated to mysql despite me allocating 1GB in the virtualmin setup wizard. I have 2GB in my VPS overall.

Any help appreciated.

You are getting a few things confused here. the 64MB you are seeing is allocated to PHP, this setting can be changed in each site’s php.ini file. The 1GB is how much memory the MySQL server is optimized for. The MySQL server is not limited to 1GB of memory, it can use more if it needs it.

Some newer PHP sites need a lot of memory, I am seeing 128MB more and more as a minimum requirement, I have seen a few that ask for 256MB even.

Are you having a problem with something running out of memory?

Thanks for the answer. The thing is in my php ini it is set to 128MB but in my site it is showing 64MB so that is why I am a bit confused, any ideas where I should change this value?

Did you restart apache after making the changes? Are you sure you changed the correct php.ini? What OS are you running on your server?

Hi thanks for the quick reply.
I did change it and then restart it the server. I am using the phpini from php configuration option within virtualmin.
I then allocated RAM via .htaccess but that didnt work so i allocated using the wordpress config file and that changed the RAM value not sure what is going on.

define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’);

I am using CentOS Linux 6.5 64Bit

There are three main ways to change the php memory limit, from the php.ini file, from a htaccess file, and from the application’s code or configuration file.

Ideally they should all have the same value, so if you want 256M make sure they are all the same. You can also create and check a phpinfo page, to see exactly what is going on as far as php settings go.

Did you use the option located under Services -> PHP 5 Configuration? Double check to make sure you have the correct file up at the top, it should say under “Manage PHP Configuration”. It should be something like “/home/sitename/etc/php5/php.ini”.

Ok I’ll give those a go and see how it goes. Thanks for your help much appreciated!