Raid Setup


I am trying to setup raid level 1 with the module in Webmin. I have been following the example at I get to the end of the example but it seems to stop a bit short. I get the following when i click the name in the linux raid option

RAID device options
Device file /dev/md0
RAID level Mirrored (RAID1)
Filesystem status Active but not mounted
Usable size 104320 blocks (101.88 MB)
Persistent superblock? Yes
Chunk size Default
RAID status clean
Partitions in RAID SCSI device B partition 1
SCSI device B partition 2

So it looks as it just needs to be mounted??? I have clicked on MOUNT RAID ON option. It is then where what do i do here as every thing i try errors Failed to save mount : ‘/’ is already assigned to be mounted

I have tried a restart but nothing. Anyone give me any idea where to go from here?


Centos 5