Hello and thanks for the great piece of software…

I use virtualmin on one of my personal servers and It works great…

I recently bought a VPS from a company and am having some issues…

I cannot get quotas to work on there… and I’ve read posts from 2005 that some VPS’s can’t get it to work on there…

My question is this… is there a way that someone could make another quotas module that basically runs a cron on the domain setup in virtualmin? I mean… I think that if it ran every hour it would be fine… but give it the same settings as the current quotas module…

thanks in advance.


anybody? if you could either reply or email me i would be grateful.


Hi i found my solution here:


Hey John,

While some VPS’s may not handle quotas properly, a lot do.

What sorts of issues are you running into? Are you getting a particular error message when you try to enable them?

Well, I get quotas are not enabled and when I go to enable them in webmin, I get nothing. no error… when I run the virtual min config check I get this:
Quotas are not enabled on the filesystem / which contains home directories under /home and email files under /var/spool/mail. Quota editing has been disabled.

so from the command line I do a quotacheck -cug / and get this error:

quotacheck: Mountpoint (or device) / not found.
quotacheck: Can’t find filesystem to check or filesystem not mounted with quota option.

They are supposedly going to re-install my OS and modify it so that I can use quotas but they did this once (so they say) and it didn’t work… so I’m waiting for another response back from them telling me that my server was re-installed.

thanks for the response

If the command line quota tools do not work, there’s simply no way Webmin and Virtualmin can do anything with quotas. Virtualmin is much smarter about quota detection and usage on VPS systems than it was in 2005, but if you don’t actually have quotas, there’s nothing Virtualmin or Webmin can do…since vserver and OpenVZ and Virtuozzo systems cannot enable quotas from within the system. (If this were a Xen VPS, then you would be able to turn on quotas yourself, since you have your own kernel and your own disk device. But I’m guessing it is a vserver or derivative, based on the description you’ve given.)

Hello Joe,

the server I was trying to set that up on was a crap vps that had there own virtualization and I’ve since moved to another host that uses OpenVZ. I had them install a default CentOS 5 OS and quotas was by default enabled and working… Just so you know.