quota problem

Hello everybody

i’m having some trouble getting virtualmin configured to use quotas.
quotas are enabled on my system, and virtualmin is aware of it, as you can see here:

Disk quotas Active for users and groups on home directories and email filesystem /.

but when I add a new virtual server, the “quotas and limits” feature is missing.
I know, I don’t have a seperate /home partition on that server, but that can’t be the cause of this problem, or can it?

am I missing something in the module config of virtualmin?

i’m using virtualmin 3.63gpl on ubuntu server edition 8.10

thanks in advance :-)<br><br>Post edited by: j0lle, at: 2008/11/11 10:49


I don’t have a /home partition either (and quotas work), so that’s definitely not your problem.

After a Virtual Server is created, and you choose that domain from the select list on the top-left, and hit "Edit Virtual Server" – that should be the only time you see Quotas and Limits.

It wouldn’t show up before you create it (such as in the “Create Virtual Server” option).

Does that help at all?

Hello Eric,

thanks for your fast reply

on one of my more "advanced" servers I have the option to adjust quota upon creation of the virtual server.
check the attached image please :slight_smile:

I can’t remember writing that piece of code myself so I’m pretty sure it’s a built in feature.
and that’s what’s missing on the new server


ok my image was rejected and I can’t edit my post at the moment
so, here you go:

Yeah, the forum likes to eat attachments. It gets hungry.

Joe’s working on all that though :slight_smile:

In regards to the "limits and quotas" – I believe the ability to do that was removed from a recent theme update, in favor of setting that information using a template (you can of course still edit it afterward creating the Virtual Server).

I suspect you’re seeing it on your other box because it’s not using the default Virtualmin theme – so at that point, anything is possible :slight_smile:

cool thanks a lot Eric!
now I know it’s not my fault :slight_smile: