Quota limit reached but home directory only a small size

The user has a 250MB quota and webmin reports it to have been reached, but when I do a du check I get a usage of 1.2MB and only 160 files… I rechecked quotas and the same quota usage shows. My scheduled backup is now failing with the message:

Failed to write to /home/mktgteam/.backup/mktgteampmkv.com_web_elog : Broken pipe at /usr/libexec/webmin/web-lib-funcs.pl line 1397, line 501

I guess this just means that the backup failed due to quota being reached…

Any ideas? thank you!

We had quota issues too (after the friday updates), i don’t know it’s an ubuntu or a virutlamin issue. But we spent a lot time to fix the quotas manually.
Generally the unlimited user quotas are gone away(like root(!)) and every user had a quota.

exactly just recognise nearly all user quota is 10 Mb now on that server 80% of them 10 % is changed to unlimited and 10% keep the original value. we have more then 3k users on that server :confused:
Anybody has got any ideas? why it happend?

One more thing on the virtualmin GUI:
virtualmin -> select domain -> edit users -> Edit User In domain … - on thid form:
Home directory quota field show us unlimited but the quota is 10 Mb. if i change the quota to 300 Mb then still show us unlimited (the quota set up to 300 correctly) - this happen randomly only a few user from only. this is the strangest issue what i ever seen…


There’s actually a bug report regarding this issue here:


Hi andreychek,

where is the other report? Your links refer to this issue unlucky.


Funny story.
I realized I had the same problem by reading this topic :slight_smile:


What distro/version is it that you guys are using?


Mine is CentOS 6.6

Ubuntu 12.04.5 64 bit.

This problem might have something to do with the missing Usermin 1.651 update? Just a thought…

Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS 64bit
Webmin version 1.730
Virtualmin 4.15 (installed 08/Mar/2015)

It’s happen again on our server this weekend again it’sm ore then strange now…
Exactly the same users are attended, their quote turned to 10 Mb again, include some system users liek root, syslog etc.
All of our other servers are ok.

Okay, I believe we’ve discovered the source of all the bugs described in here.

Jamie has recently checked in fixes for those into git, and I’m going to talk to he and Joe about pushing out a new Virtualmin release sooner rather than later in order to get all those issues resolved.

Thanks for all the info to help us get those fixed up!


Our quota system reset the quotas to 10 Mb last saturday again, when will be the patch released? it’s the biggest trouble in the last 10 years with your software and still no patch for it. WHY???
Sorry i bit angry now at this moment we organise our weekend now and prepare the saturday quota trouble. it’s not normal…


There are I believe 3 quota related bugs in Virtualmin now that we’re pushing out a fix for soon, in the next few days.

One allows the quota to fill up during the backup process. Another causes new users with long-ish names to be created with an Unlimited quota. And the third prevents quotas from being added to email users in sub-servers.

There’s a few different issues described above… but I realize that you’re describing one now that we’re not familiar with.

I’m not aware of anything that’s changing actual quotas to 10MB.

When I originally read your post, it sounded like one or both of the sub-server bugs described above.

I’ll talk to Jamie about that, though to my knowledge no one else has described an issue like that. That said, I’m still wondering if it’s somehow related to the above, so I’ll work with Joe and Jamie to get that update pushed out quickly.

As a temporary workaround, what you might consider doing, just until the new release comes out, is to disable quotas on your server. I know that’s not ideal, but that would prevent email from bouncing and would make sure websites continue to work.

I’ll see if Jamie has any thoughts on all that though.


Thanks sounds great. it happens every Saturday night i think at midnight (Sunday backup processes failed with overquote message at Sunday 00:01 so this is why i think it happens near that time ) it must have something weekly scheduled task but i can’t find out yet which and why it happen. some user quotes turn to unlimited some to 10 Mb. unlucky i can’t turn off the quotes on that server because so many users on that so it’s really risky if i allow them to fill up the disks.
Anyway we have 5-6 servers running with Webmin / Virtulamin GPL or PRO and only one attended it (unfortunately the biggest one we have 3000 users on that) with this issue so it can be something unfortunate constellation i think. user names are long generally because we use the full email address as username, so it can be related with "Another causes new users with long-ish names to be created with an Unlimited quota. " but we have longish usernames with 10 mb quote to. and the root / list / syslog / clamav users quote turn to 10 Mb too. we use edquota to fix the problem.
If i can help in the fix i will just say what to do.

smartvirtualmin, upon further thought – do you think you could open up a new support request, using the Support link above, regarding the issue you’re seeing now with the quotas changing to 10MB?

The other issues mentioned above should all be resolved, but I’d like to discuss that most recent one with you in more detail, in a place where Jamie can chime in too.

We’d also be able to ask some specific questions about your setup there, and we can make that request private in order for us to do so.

If you could, in that new support request, summarize what’s going on (which may mean re-entering some of what you said above) – including how often it occurs, which users it occurs to (all users, some users, a handful of users), and any other details you think may be relevant.

I think you said that this only occurs on one of your servers, but if you could confirm that too that’d be great.

Also let us know if it’s occurring at the same time as your Virtualmin backups are running.



hi again, I got this message when updating webmin today:

tar: ./virtual-server/incremental/14255534898143: Cannot change ownership to uid 576, gid 573: Disk quota exceeded

I don’t know how to reduce the disk usage of the virtual server which reached its quota limit, as it seems to be due to the bug you described as “One allows the quota to fill up during the backup process”


Sorry, it has taken longer than we’d like to get this new Virtualmin release out… but that’s what should resolve your issue. I believe Joe will be able to get that pushed out today.


I made some test yesterday evening, because the problem occur only from Sunday 00:00 till morning.
So i wait the midnight and start looking what happen on the server.

The server ran the bw.pl script daily once so that script ran and 2 backup scripts.
The quota data went wrong very soon but only on few users so i restored them and wait and after ~20 min quota data went wrong again so i decide to kill the bw.pl script and looked everything fine and i went to sleep, but it was a false detection (i did not wait enough) because when i wake up quota reseted to 10 Mb again on that users.

So looks like bw.pl was innocent but backups scripts can be the guilty.
I check the server backups and we have 5 backups scheduled to Sunday (weekly recurring ones) theses are: 4 customer backups and one Virtualmin full backup (all virtual server excluded home directory and MySQL databases)

So summary:
0. We have problems with 1 server only.

  1. event happens when the virtualmin bakcup script is running (for all virtual server). if a customer run a backup then no problem at all. And the webmin backup run only monthly so we can ignore that option too.

  2. The event happens weekly once from Sunday 00:00

  3. Only some users are participate in the 10 Mb issue (We have ~3k users and 5% is participate), but every week the same users. We can’t find any relation between these users. A few groups are participated too in this action but only ~5.

  4. We have some very similar issues that time because some quota turned to unlimited too just it cause less problems.

If you need more information then please notice and i open a new private issue and can grant Remote Login Privileges too.