Quota Issue with one virtual Server

I use Webmin v.1.891 with Virtualmin v.6.03
I have created 3 virtual servers in Virtualmin. 2 work fine, but on the 3rd server Quotas does not work properly. Under -Virtualmin -Administration Options -Disk Usage shows me Quotas 17.85 MB used for this server (Picture 1). Under -Webmin -System -Disk Quotas Webmin shows me a memory consumption of 156.74GB for this server User next(Picture2). After some time I looked again and now shows Disk Quotas instead of 156.74GB only 691.12MB for the server. It strikes me on the one group # 1003 now owns 156.31GB (Picture3). On the start page of Webmin under the tab Quotas the third server is not displayed (Picture4). On Site Disk Usage/Home directory Quota shows 1.48MB and 156.91GB Size (Picture5)

I did check quota, no change.
Can someone help me?

OK, I found the mistake. The files would have partly the wrong owner or the wrong group. Therefore, Virtualmin or Quotas could not allocate the files. After changing the owner and group it Workshop nice…