"Quota and home directory settings" Pull down menu not working

when I try to add an FTP user, the “Quota and home directory settings” drop down menu seems to be broke. All other pull down menus are working fine. Does there happen to be an easy fix for this? Any reason why it would be doing this? Thanks.

Well, what do you mean by “broken”? What is it (or isn’t it) doing exactly?

And are you doing this as root, or the Virtual Server owner?


The pull down menu just won’t work. Nothing is showing under it (but other pull down menus work). I am doing this as root.

Okay – when you’re in the Mail and FTP Users screen, which option are you choosing to add a user?

Are you using “Add a user to this server.”, or “Add a website FTP access user.”?


I am using the: Add a user to this server.