"Master Admin" Rights for all email users?!?!?!

help me out here,

Virtualmin GPL - 3.5

everything working fine, create an email user for a domain. I log in as that domains account, i get restricted rights. when i log in as someuser@somedomain.com i get full Master Admin rights?!

Am i doing something Wrong

Im really confused.

Anyone? this is one of the things stopping me from upgrading to the pro version.

I don’t think I understand what you’re asking here exactly, as I can’t imagine how you could configure Virtualmin to create an account that behaves the way I understand your description (e.g. what I think you’re saying isn’t possible in Virtualmin…so I’m clearly misunderstanding what you’re saying). :wink:

Maybe you’re creating additional administrative user accounts instead of Mail/FTP accounts?

Hi Joe,

Logged on the master account (root) i select the domain i wish to modify.
i click "Edit Mail and FTP Users" link on the top left.
i setup the user with the email address required and their password and click save.

it goes through its processes.

Once its done i can log into webmail etc… i can also log into webmin using "username@domain.com" and it gives me full administrative access and states clearly up the top "user@domain.com (Master Account)"

Have i done something incorrectly?

Also your shop is broken. signed up for Virtualmin pro this morning and still no serial#.

Also your compare chart needs to be updated.