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Hi guys,

I’m very new to the Virtualmin panel. So for the beginning thank you for the great product. My first impression was “Wow! This thing rocks and kicks Plesk`s ass”. But now I’m facing some difficulties with “migrating” from plesks terminology.

Could any one please point me in a right direction about steps that I should take when I need to setup another web site at the server?

Let’s say I need to host:

1 Client
---- sub.site2.com

2 Client

I can’t figure out what means “Top-level server | Sub-server | Alias of site.com” and what is the difference.

I’m using Virtualmin GPL on CentOS 5

Thank you in advance

Checkout this from the documentation.



Something that may not be apparent from the Virtualmin for cPanel users documentation that Cyrus linked is that “sub-server” is an indicator of ownership, and has no relation to the name of the virtual server. By this, I mean that in your above list of sites, you would create a site.com account, and then make two sub-servers of that account: site2.com and sub.site2.com. The names don’t matter (e.g. site2.com can be a sub-server of site.com, and should be, if you want it to be managed by the same person).

Likewise for your second client: Create "anothersite.com" and then create a sub-server of that account "onemore.com".

The Plesk process, I believe, is "Make a user, make a virtual server, assign virtual server to user.", whereas ours is "Make a virtual server."

There are valid arguments for both, but we wanted to make the process as much like what people wanted to achieve as possible–creating your first virtual server and getting a website up is very very low friction…but, in our model, multiple virtual servers owned by the same user increases the friction by some degree, though we don’t think it increases it more than the default friction in Plesk (which applies to all websites). I don’t think this particular philosophical difference is a reason to choose one or the other control panel, but I do think for first time users, Virtualmin is a lower friction product. (At least, I hope so. We’re always working on usability, though.)

Thanks for explanation guys!

I’ll dig deeper on that question. Right now I feel that Virtualmin is more powerful and flexible than Plesk and similar products, but I’ll need some time to get more friendlier with it :slight_smile:

P.S. quick question, what will happen if Client 2, will have willing to remove "anothersite.com"?

You’d convert onemore.com to a parent virtual server, and then delete anothersite.com. This is one of the good arguments for the Plesk model. :wink:

Virtualmin, even the GPL version, is without doubt more powerful than any other product in this space. (We’ll concede that they’ve got us beat on one or two things…but power definitely isn’t one of them.)

Joe wrote:

Virtualmin, even the GPL version, is without doubt more powerful than any other product in this space. (We'll concede that they've got us beat on one or two things...but power definitely isn't one of them.)

Got nothing to add to the thread…just loved what Joe said (and yes, it’s completely true! :wink: ).

I was going back and forth trying to find a way how to convert "Sub-server" to the "Parent virtual server" but with no luck :frowning:

Could anyone help me with that, please?

Is there a way to move "Sub-servers" between "Top-level" servers?