Quick question about setting then ssh shell

I can’t find the place to set a user’s shell. Did it before but have spent an hour looking around for it now.

I guess an associated question is how can I change the dropdown for new user so that there are more than two options, “mail only” and “mail and ftp”. I’ve tried setting “custom shells” under “system customization” but the new options I set up don’t appear when I create a new user.

Thanks in advance.


You can mess with the available shells in System Customization -> Custom Shells. Just check the "Enabled" check box, and then choose which types of users a given shell should be available for.

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Umm… Yes, I did that. The options I set us don’t appear when I create a new user, just the default ones.

Also, I remember setting this specifically per-user somewhere but I can’t seem to find it now. Any clues?

Thanks for the speedy response.

you’ll also have to switch the default from /bin/false to /bin/sh.
for existing users you can edit them under webmin-system-users and groups.

just click on the user and change the shell. remove them also from deniedssh group under groups if they are listed.

I agree it is hard to find and should actually be part of the account plans.
Virtualmin gives (gave) /bin/sh by default.

webmin-system-users and groups was where I saw it previously. Thanks a bunch.

Still unsure why what I set up in “custom shells” isn’t available to me when I create a new user.

you can set that in the servers template under "Administration user" called Initial Unix shell

I’ve always felt like we went a bit too far on the shell customization possibilities. We had a lot of people demanding tons of flexibility and nothing short of complete customizability was acceptable, but now that we have it, it’s pretty intimidating. :wink:

I don’t know how to solve that. Luckily most folks never need to customize things, as the defaults are pretty sensible for many deployments.

you can’t solve that.
flexibility is great as long as it doesn’t break anything elsewhere in the system.
imo, having more options just means learning more.
The server templates and the account plans are the most important to know thoroughly once the features are set.

and in the end, there’s always the command line…