Questions regarding Virtualmin GPL and Joomla

I have a friend starting a new business, one with a web aspect. He needs to setup about 50 domains on the box, maybe 100 by the end of the year.

I plan on building him a cheap Centos 5 box (AMD X2 3600+, 2gb RAM, 500gb 3ware RAID1). My friend has zero cash (all invested in other equipment already), and not much computer knowledge, so I figured Virtualmin would help ease the setup of www.{new domain here}.com sites for his customers.

I can easily integrate policyd-weight, amavisd and spamassassin into the box, probably without messing with any setup done by the Virtualmin install script.

My friend is in love with Joomla, and wants to setup the websites using it for all 50 customers.

Anyone have any notes / install guides on installing Joomla under a Virtualmin GPL setup?

I am curious what manual steps are needed to setup Joomla for each virtual domain in Virtualmin. And the overall setup. Any advice/tips/help is appreciated.

If needed, he may be stuck trying to purchase the Virtualmin Pro, but wants to avoid at all cost since the new business has eaten up all $$$ already.

Install Joomla like you would on just about any other LAMP webserver. You simply need to setup the domain and mysql database with virtualmin then refer to the Joomla install guide.