Question regarding Cloudmin for physical systems.

Can cloudmin for physical systems run on top of virtualmin in an openvz container?? I just want the management functionality for multiple virtualmin instances. Perhaps redundancy and such if those features are part of cloudmin.


Sure! Cloudmin can run alongside Virtualmin (like Virtualmin, it’s just a Webmin module).

And the Pro versions of Cloudmin can all run on a VPS if you like, as they can manage systems that reside elsewhere.



I can speak from personal experience. Recently we started to deploy Cloudmin to aid in the management of our growing number of Virtualmin installations. We chose “Cloudmin for Physical Systems” as we are currently using an alternate VPS management technology, and simply as you required the ability to manage multiple Virtualmin instances. I’ve been quite impressed with the functionality, and even only a week in use, it’s already starting to become an integral part of our overall infrastructure.

While we’re currently only using a fraction of the Cloudmin functionality (as we learn more, and work toward replacing existing technology), I can say that being able to do system updates across the cluster from a single instance, and check the health of any running node is by far in itself a valuable feature.

Consider also that the first year at a mere $79.00 is a steal, with yearly renewals at $48.00 an even greater deal… This equates to low investment, and a greater than 100% return on investment (ROI).

But hey, I love these products to death :slight_smile: I’d recommend (trying not to sound like an advertisement) that you give er’ a try, and feel comforted that there’s a nice refund policy should things not work out.

*** the test of an honest company, who wants you to benefit from their product/service is how they deal with refund requests. a confident company offers a reasonable refund policy which says “hey, we’re confident you’ll love our product/service”. years of working with Jamie, Joe, and Eric have proven that they truly do stand behind their work, and absolutely do want you to see value. ***

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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